I shot, directed and edited this film—always fun to run and gun it with a one-woman crew.  It was my pleasure to accompany NAACP Chairman Roslyn Brock to her hometown of Ft. Pierce, FL to canvas the last week of “get out the vote” before another historic election.

"Make that Music" is a web series about independent recording artists; their home studios and their creative process. Hosted by underground hip hop legend and progressive artist, Aceyalone along with his beautiful and smart co-host, Kim Hill, another great performer and recording artist who refuses to be thrown in just one category. Acey turns the tables on Kim and interviews her in her very own home studio in a neighborhood in south Central Los Angeles. See what inspires this artist and get a sneak sampling of her new single, "Used to Love Me."

Russell Simmons shares his story for My Fellow American.

Stay tuned for new videos here.  I’m really proud of this project—special thanks to friend and LA family, Jason Wawro (for shooting this amazing piece.)

Rabbi Schneier contributed a piece for the MyFellowAmerican project—the Rabbi works with Russell Simmons at an amazing organization called the Foundation for Ethnic Understanding in New York.

Russell Simmons Endorses the My Fellow American Project

MyFellowAmerican is a campaign that asks non-Muslim Americans to share a story of a Muslim American they know or admire.  I am producing the celebrity series for the campaign.  This was shot by my amazing production soldier, Jason Wawro

Quest for a More Perfect Union

“Muslim Americans and the Quest for a More Perfect Union” tells that story. The video captures the history and diversity of Muslim-American communities, highlights their participation in civic life, and looks toward a future where celebrating the worth and religious liberty of every American is made real in everyday life.

The video is part of the Young Muslim American Voices project of the Faith and Progressive Policy Initiative at the Center for American Progress. It was produced by Jamiah Adams.

GFA Presents: Solar Richmond

Produced for Van Jones’ organization, Green for All—based in Oakland, CA but organizing nationally around green jobs.  We used a lot of archived organizational footage along with new to produce this  piece, edited by Jim Ounniyom


South Central Capoeira

Capoeira was cultivated in Brazil and born in Africa. Deep in the heart of south central Los Angeles, Haitian immigrant, Omoade Neff brings together a multi-cultural and intergenerational group of folks to teach them Capoeira Angola.

We Still Have a Dream

I produced this short video for the California organization, I’m particularly proud of these piece, it features students from Valencia High School in Valencia, CA (southern CA) and Logan High School in Union City, CA (northern CA.)  All the high school students were speech and debate champions and the coach from Logan High was featured on the Oprah Winfrey show.   I shot, directed and edited this piece—photos were shot by Carlos “Los” Jackson in LA and CB Smith-Dahl in the San Francisco Bay Area.  (Los shot the video in LA as well.)